YUMMY BOWL Yummy bowl

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5 étoiles sur 79 avis
7 mai 2020 à 18:30 Excellent repas et service généreux
28 avr 2020 à 16:46 Super bon! Comme d’habitude!
18 fév 2020 à 14:05 DELICIOUS FOOD! thank you for this amazing choice prices are quite high, sure, but the amount of care and ingredients used explains this.
4 fév 2020 à 15:33 Ramen was delicious!
31 jan 2020 à 15:34 amazing, flavourful vegan salad, as always! Delivery more or less on time, and arrived in a good condition.
23 jan 2020 à 16:03 Dragon bowl était top
10 jan 2020 à 16:02 WHAT A SURPRISE! My sunny bowl was so delicious, so rich in ingredients and the perfect combination! great culinary work, thank you for making this a possibility! Good eco-packaging as well, thanks for that too! And delivery by always so friendly Takeaway